Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing

You run a small business and you want to promote it successfully online. For this, you have to develop a complete strategy for marketing. One of the components that you cannot go without is video marketing. It has experienced a huge boom in recent years and will continue to grow. It has been estimated that by 2018, video will reach a share of nearly 80% of online traffic. Find out what makes this form of marketing so successful.

High Demand

People simply want more and more video. YouTube statistics show that some 78% of people watch at least one video a week and another 55% watch one every day. Even if you work with business customers, you can be certain that they use this media form extensively. Three of every four executives watch videos related to their work on specialized business websites every week.

Great Influence
It is much easier for a promo video to grab a person’s attention compared to a written ad. Besides, it has a great emotional impact on people while bringing valuable information. The statistical date of online stores shows that the presence of a video on a product page can increase the chances of purchase by over a third. In a recent survey, two thirds of mobile users have stated that videos can be easily viewed on smartphones and used effectively for making buying decisions.

Ease of Use

Video production is getting ever more affordable and cost-efficient due to the advancement of technology. Now you do not have to hire a professional production company for the job if you have a limited budget. You can readily use ready templates and equipment available to everyone. Uploading videos on websites and managing them is also super easy. Now most of the work is done with dragging and dropping. You do not have to be a coder.

Powerful Analytics

You can get plenty of data that will help you to evaluate your video marketing strategy and make improvements to it, if necessary. This form of marketing has been around for quite some time and the analytics have become quite detailed and advanced. This is especially true for video sharing websites which can give you lots of data on user behavior.

Full Integration  
Now videos are an integral part of digital marketing. Most Google searches now display video results. The algorithms of search engines place high value on website videos. They are now essential for effective search engine optimization. They are among the most shared items on the web. This makes them particularly valuable for social media marketing.

Take full advantage of everything which video marketing has to offer.