The Main Video Production Options

Once you have a video marketing strategy, you need to move on to implementing it. The first step involves the creation of the clips which you will use for online promotion. There are several ways in which this job can be done. Check them out to decide which one will be best for you.

Hiring a Company

The most straightforward option is to hire a company specializing in corporate video production. You will simply need to share your vision and they will do the rest. They will come up with the script and execute it. Most companies create both live action and animated videos, but there are also some with narrow specialization. This option is the most expensive of all as well. You should prepare a well-rounded budget in advance.

When you select a video production company, you should check carefully their portfolio and experience. Do not miss to carry out an interview to confirm that they are the right people for your project. Get a clear idea of the amount of time the production will require and of the size of the budget which will be necessary.

Using Templates

Templates are becoming more and more widely used for small business video production. They give you the backbone that you require and allow for full customization. Anyone with average computer skills can do a good job. You will have the opportunity to use all of the creative ideas that you have in mind. You can select from numerous templates with different themes. It will not be difficult to find one which matches your needs and requirements. The use of templates is much cheaper compared to hiring a professional company for the job. At the same time, the quality is comparable.

When choosing templates, you should confirm that they are of high quality. Ensure that they match your ideas and marketing plans precisely. Pay close attention to all technical details as well. Find out how you can get support.


If you have a good camera, you can shoot promo videos and other clips by yourself. This is the cheapest of all options, but it is the most time-consuming and effort-consuming as well. You will also need a variety of skills from creating a script to choosing the best lighting conditions for the shooting. If you decide to go for the DIY option, you will benefit from some training. You can readily find an introductory course that you can take online. There are also various tutorials available.

You can now decide which options matches your needs, requirements and budget best.