Developing a Small Business Video Marketing Strategy

You do not have to have a large budget to use video marketing for driving your small business forward. You just need an effective strategy. Find out how to build it and implement it for success.

Target Videos

The most important thing to decide is what you want to achieve with your strategy. Set clear and measurable goals. They should focus on major factors such as the number of views, the rate of conversion, the level of sales and the number of returning customers.

The next step involves selecting the types of videos that will help you to achieve your goals. There are several major categories to consider for small business video marketing. The promo videos are the most widely used ones. They are fairly short and advertise a particular product or present the company. It is a good idea to create a series of those so as to keep the attention of your target audience.

The second category includes clips created for providing useful information. These include video tutorials and product manuals plus practical tips. They are used for igniting interest in prospects and turning them into loyal customers. Again with a series of videos or an entire blog, the result will be even better.

The role of videos created by customers should not be underestimated. You can encourage them to create fun clips or reviews. This entices greater interest and allows for further involvement. Additionally, clips created by users have high chances of going viral.

Video Production

You should work with a well established production company specializing in making videos for small business. It is important for you to be actively involved in the making of the script. Think about how you want your product to be presented. It is crucial for every video to target your particular audience. Make sure that you take into account all important demographics.

Planning and Scheduling

You have to decide when, where and how the videos will be posted. It is best to create a schedule depending on your marketing needs. An ad should be posted some time before or along with the launching of the product. You should select very carefully the websites where the clips will go. Analyze their search engine rankings and their popularity with your target audience. It is important to include social media websites in your strategy. Check carefully the contents of the page where the video will go and ensure that it gives customers quick access to your product.

Finally, you need to monitor and analyze the progression of your video marketing campaign and make changes, if required.